• It is impossible to choose only 3 attributes to describe Carey’s performance. After meeting with other Consultants/Attorney’s I was left frustrated at the lack of knowledge and slow response. Carey and her staff were immediatly responsive and demonstrated excellent knowledge and creativity. EBS saved me thousands of dollars in taxes while demonstrating a high level of integrity. I now have the confidence of focusing on my business knowing that the legal and financial aspects are in great hands!

    Karen Hanna(client)
    Karen hired us as a Business Consultant in Jan 2012
    Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

    Karen Hanna Business Owner
  • Kevin Sternagle, President, SBIS (business partner)
    “After working very closely with Carey on a few clients, I can say through experience that she not only has the client’s best interest at heart in all aspects of planning, she brings a unique expertise and professionalism to each scenario she helps her clients navigate.” February 7, 2012

    Kevin Sternagle
  • Bernie B. “I’ve recently partnered up with Carey in 2011. I’ve had several interactions with Carey over this past year, and made the decision to bring Carey on board as a Trusted Advisor. I’ve been an Entrepreneur and in Real Estate investing for over 20 years. I have trusted her advice and her bottom line results have been fantastic. Not only is she excellent in all accounting aspects, she excels as a tax strategist. We have been able to speak the same language on many levels and I’ve gotten to know her personally. I would say she is a person of integrity and truly has my best interests in mind. She understands the global picture of what her clients are trying to achieve and provides insight towards that objective. I would recommend Carey as a trusted advisor and one that will be an asset to anyone seeking sound tax planning advice.” January 14, 2012

    Bernie B. Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur
  • Jay Hegemann– Owner of Hegemman Inc. and Flying J Machine Inc.

    Jay hired us as a tax advisor in 2010 and hired us more than once.
    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
    “Carey has done a wonderful job preparing my taxes, as well as tax planning. I was lost as I outgrew my original “bookkeeper/tax guy”. Carey took over and put my mind at ease, meanwhile saving me a large sum of money. I would definitely recommend Carey.” November 21, 2011


    Testimonial–Also check it out in Linked In!
  • Chris hired us as a Tax Consultant in 2002, is still our client and hired us more than once.

    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Carey on multiple businesses that I have started and been involved with. Her ability to assist in the initial phase of a startup, through the life cycle of a business which has more than 10 years of history has allowed us remain focused on our strengths. I highly recommend Carey and the business consulting and tax services her company provides.” June 28, 2011

    See this and other testimonials in LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/pub/carey-lampel/16/206/b97

    Tax Services Testimonial–Tax Consultant
  • Anne Grimes–Business Owner
    I hired Carey as a Business Consultant in 2009, and hired Carey more than once.

    “I first hired Carey to help me set up my corporation. Since then I have not only consulted with her to set up a tax strategy for my business, but also my husband’s business, and our personal finances. Carey also prepares our taxes for both business and personal. Her knowledge has been invaluable to us and we also love working with her. I recommend her to people all the time.” April 28, 2011

    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
    See more testimonials in LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/pub/carey-lampel/16/206/b97

    Recommendation–Tax Services Expert
  • Dr. Bruce Bekkar said “Carey has great ideas that maximized our tax returns this year. She and her staff are polite, friendly and get their work done on time- highly recommended!” April 26, 2011Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative
    See more linked in testimonials at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/carey-lampel/16/206/b97

    Recommendation for a Tax Accountant
  • I’ve been with Carey for over 9 years. As the owner of various business’s , I find EBS Consulting, Inc. an invaluable tool for helping me keep more of what we’ve earned, thereby creating more wealth.

    Laura W
  • Carey handled the paperwork for my corporation quickly and competently. She went above and beyond to give me additional tax advice and other information on being a new business owner that I have found invaluable. I would recommend Carey over and over again!

    Ann G
  • My experience with Carey is always great. Carey is always available and prompt when following up on a needed service.

    Cesar D

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