Carey Lampel Tax Strategist

Carey Lampel–Tax Strategist, JD (Law Degree), LL.M (Masters in Taxation) Ms. Lampel works as a tax strategist with the goal of helping her clients drive down tax liabilities using strategic tax planning. She has partnered and soley owned 2 tax firms over the past eleven years, focusing on the needs of entrepreneurs, small businesses and individuals. She has personally saved her clients millions of dollars in taxes over the years. Her goal is to drive down tax liability and protect


Michael Redding-EA

Mike is California and San Diego native, who received his Enrolled Agent Certification in 1995 and has 20 years of experience in dealing with small business tax issues. He’s admitted to practice tax law in front of the IRS and has helped 100’s of people save money by settling with the IRS and State for pennies on the dollar.


Theresa Rivera-Bookkeeping

Theresa runs a successful bookkeeping and accounting service, Essential Bookkeeping. Essential Bookkeeping is a separate company, however, we work under the same roof to ensure an extremely tight work flow. Communication between the two companies is very strong, ensuring a top notch product for our mutual clients. Theresa is the best bookkeeper we’ve ever found so we’re very happy to give her all of our referrals simply because she’s the best and she runs a tight ship.


Anyssa Walker-Administrative Assistant

Anyssa has been with EBS nearly 3 years as an Administrative Assistant working with Carey Lampel. She assists our clients in staying on track during the tax filing season and has earned her way into becoming an important team member at EBS.

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