Tax Service for Real Estate Investors and Professionals

Big Tax Savings for Real Estate Investors

We specialize in tax strategies and preparation for real estate investors. There are quite a few loopholes in the tax code for those who hold or flip property. We are real estate investors ourselves with experiences in residential flips, residential long term holds, commercial long term holds, multi-unit residential holds and a Mobile Home Park. Due to the fact we’ve been investing in real estate for over 14 years along with being in the tax industry for 15 years makes us the top tax firm for real estate investors. Over half of our client portfolio currently hold rental property, we naturally attract real estate investors from Southern California. (Many of them invest all over the country)

The complexity of the tax code also offers big benefits for real estate investors. Ask Carey Lampel about the Real Estate Professional Status and whether you qualify. It can be a game changer for many real estate professionals and can save you thousands many times over. Depreciation is another component that allows real estate investors to pay less in tax and create more in their monthly cash flow. Ask Carey if you can qualify to rapidly accelerate the depreciation (cost segregation or 179 elections) on your real estate in order to create higher cash flows in your RE business or on other income streams.

Investors who own real estate want to protect their assets. There is no better combination in Carey Lampel. She not only has a Masters Degree in Tax, she is also a licensed attorney. This high powered combination allows her to understand the detailed workings of entity creation, allowing her clients to better protect their hard earned real estate assets while also driving their tax liability down. We are a premier Southern Ca. Tax Firm for real estate investors.

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