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Our government encourages us to own businesses and invest through favorable treatment in the tax code! However, the federal tax code alone is over 44,000 pages long and growing not to mention your states tax code. Use us to decipher this code to your advantage!

If you set up your tax structure well by incorporating strategic tax planning, you can create wealth and save money on your taxes. We believe in educating our clients to learn how to maximize their savings through proper tax planning. We advocate using the tax code to your advantage to help create wealth, and to build for your financial future.

Entity Formation:
It’s our job to make sure you are in the correct entity for your business model in order to maximize your tax savings. For example, a real estate business that “flips” houses should be set up in a corporate entity while a long term hold real estate property should be held in an LLC or LP. Tax savings with the right entity choice can be quite significant. The most common entities include:

S Corporation C Corporation LP (Limited Partnership) LLC (Limited Liability Co.)

Non Profit Partnerships

Best of all, you get Carey Lampel and our team on retainer for an unlimited time when you choose to have us set up your entity.

Tax Preparation
We have a team of tax preparers including Carey Lampel, our lead tax strategist. Carey has a masters in tax (LL.M.) from the University of San Diego and a law degree from Chicago Kent. All tax returns are reviewed and signed by Carey in order to maximize the return for your personal tax strategy. The rest of our support staff includes a CPA and accountants; they are licensed tax preparers in the state of California with years of experience. We have very competitive rates for level of expertise.

Business Tax Returns – Forms 1065 (LLC), 1120(Corporation) 1120s(S Corp) , Limited Partnerships, Trust Returns, K1′s , and all pertinent schedules.

Personal Tax Returns – Form 1040 and all schedules.

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