What is the benefit of having an attorney do taxes?

Tax attorneys specialize in researching tax law and understanding taxation. They are able to assess whether the client is taking full advantage of all possible deductions. Their understanding of tax codes and regulations could potentially save the client thousands of dollars in deductions that may otherwise remain unclaimed. Also, they are professionally trained researchers.

When opting to use tax software or file on his or her own, a person may face mistakes that could lead to an audit. This can be prevented altogether by retaining an attorney to file taxes, thus making certain that all tax issues are avoided and deductions are made to the full advantage of the client.

By accepting tax representation, a client has an expert on his or her side from the very
beginning. Should the IRS or other agency decide to audit, having an attorney gives the client the advantage of having an expert available. This expert will already be well versed in the client’s financial affairs and be able to successfully answer any questions that arise during the audit.

Another advantage of tax representation is attorney-client privilege. Compared to a CPA
or accountant, attorneys have the highest privilege, in that it is their duty to protect client
information. Any information provided to a tax attorney is kept in strict confidence.

Research is paramount to understanding our tax code. The tax code is over 44,000 pages
long. It can be extremely difficult to navigate these waters without using a trained professional. Attorney’s are trained to rely heavily on their research skills.

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