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EBS Business Tax Services Focuses On Driving Down Entrepreneurs Tax Liability

Our government encourages us to own businesses and invest through favorable treatment in the tax code!  However, the federal tax code alone is over 44,000 pages long and growing not to mention your states tax code. Use us to decipher this code to your advantage! If you set up your tax structure well by incorporating strategic tax planning, you can create wealth and save money on your taxes.  We believe in educating our clients to learn how to maximize their savings through proper tax planning.  We advocate using the tax code to your advantage to help create wealth, and to build for your financial future. We have a tax attorney, CPA, EA and other tax professionals on staff.  Carey Lampel, owner, has over 15 years experience and is a Lawyer with a Masters in Tax.  No one is better at driving your business’s tax liability down or removing it all together.

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